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Con List 2017

Anime North 2017 (GTA) - May 2017 - Juat there for cosplay and anime goods!!!!

YetiCon (Blue Mountain) - ???? 2017 - Hope to go for a table to get some money maybe!!!!

And of course lots more cons once dates are released!!!!!!


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I will not be taking point commission no more in the near futurn but I will finish the commission I promise and forgot to do this year!!!


please i want donate points by Th3EmOo

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Emma | 18
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Canadian | 18 | Ace | Female | Artist
Xmas Lights Divider (Blue) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre

Hey There!! I'm Emma but I like to prefer being called Spotty~
I live in Canada. I'm just your random 18 year old who has no idea what there going to do with there life!

I'm into lots of fandoms btw! So beware all the fan art I make! I favorite fandoms are Haikyuu, Voltron, Fire Emblem, Pandora Hearts and lots more of course!

Tumblr Icon by poserfan Tumblr -->> Spottyna >>
Instagram Icon by poserfan Instagram -->> Spottynana >>
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Skype Icon by poserfan Skype --->> Ask me if you want to be my friend~ ;; v ;;
First off, dont worry about me. Im fine. I did not lose any fingers or hands or anything. I just got a few cuts but nothing bad. I did got the hospital and im 120% healthy.

Second, I was in a car crash yesterday and like said. I am okay. And no one got hurt other then my car and wallet. My commission are open and now i need help to pay off bills and get a new car.

Please dont worry about me. Im just happy no one and the other driver got hurt. Im just going to relax and get back to driving cus there no point being afraid. So less drawing for awhile okay. Thanks for support to many of my followers who were worried. I thank you!


Spottys Commissions

HELLO THERE! Its that time again where I need money to pay for things like rent, schooling and food! Me and my roommates run into the problem of bugs and they have taken alot out of our wallets (those dirty thieves)! Trust me, it been a pain for the last month (not to point out all the other problems we got now).

So here I am asking for you help. I’ll be fine once osap ever kicks in but when that ever happens please think of commissioning me! Only 5 slots will be open. It will take me a week to finish your commission. Price are in CAD and Paypal only (no I dont take points!) !!!!!

I will draw anything at this point but no porn or nsfw, please!

If your up for a commission, please email me at! We can work the details out from there. if you can’t commission me, please feel free to signal boost and reblog along if you want upon my tumblr! Thanks! 

Hello hello there! I know this is late for getting on this site but I'm hosting a Voltron Calendar base on the show Voltron Legendary Defender!
Myself and a few of my friends are hosting the calendar! We hope maybe some of you are willing to join use to make a wonderful and colourful calendar for 2017! we are still looking for artist who are willing to join us until Septumber 5th 2016 11:59pm (EDT)!!!! WE ONLY HAVE SO MUCH TIME LEFT!!!!!!!! PLEASE JOIN US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I dont want to really give off the whole download in this post so look at our tumblr for details if you wanna join in!
All dates and info is upon this tumblr site here -->>…

Still want to join as an artist but have no tumblr! No worries!! You can still join just look are our rules (there not really any but complete the survey as best as you can if your one of the artist who want to join) 


I feel bad this is so late for posting up on here but hey come try out and see what happening! I'll also will be able to give updates upon this site on my own DA so feel free to ask questions!!!!!! 



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Happy birthday young lady~~
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what happened?
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I have no idea what has happened here.
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After all these events and art it seems like you're busy with something else
SpottyHiro Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2016  Student Traditional Artist
oh well i have your answer and it's called college and it sucks
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Glasolia1990 Featured By Owner Edited Dec 1, 2016  Student General Artist
Oh wait, never mind at least you still got cons :P my bad
izarei Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2016  Student Digital Artist
thank you so much for the watch! your art is really cute! <3
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Oh thank you! Your is really amazing as well!! :heart:
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